The Impact of Poor Communication Skills on Businesses and Individuals

Do we speak to communicate or are we wasting time? Why is Communication so important? Speak to me, please. But make sure you are communicating with me, not above me. Have you ever gone to a meeting or listened to a speech and felt like you just wasted your time? You did not get why […]


The ideas presented earlier about how to construct a quick outline for your speech showed that the process can be fairly easy to master.  Now that we are going to take a more critical look at writing the body, you will find that there are steps you can take to strengthen your arguments.  While these […]

How to start a small, successful business easily

Easy steps to start a new business

Most small businesses collapse shortly after their formation because of their poor formation. Most people do not know how to start small business or they do not have the required information in doing so. Starting a small, successful business is not as hard as most people think. This is because it is a few-steps process […]

Starting a Business – The first five steps

When you’re taking the first steps toward building a business it’s frightening and exciting at the same time. You’re right on the edge of starting something from complete scratch, something that you’ve never done before. If you’re ready you can be successful, but you need to start. That is the most important thing you can […]

Starting a business made easy with these business tips

Methods to start your business

Start a Business or Improving Existing Business Checklist While some of us are content with working a 9 to 5 job, there are some who have the privilege and opportunity to start their own business. They are the ones who want to work for themselves, set their own working hours and be their own boss. […]