Technology Allows You To Turn Your Doodle Into A Fashion-Forward Textile

Silk screening, air brushing, and hand painting have long been an integral part of fashion—but technology now makes it possible for both everyday designers and major fashion brands to turn absolutely any hand drawn doodle, print, or design in to a custom textile. While this innovative technology has been around for about 10 years, the […]

Technology Reshaping Fashion

The impression and thoughts of the whole world regarding technology and obviously the technology of fashion are always showing signs of change. These progressions are largely in accordance with the rate at which the latest fashion technology is being created. Everyone would love to have the best, freshest and one of the most enhanced technological […]

Complete change in Fashion World due to the Technology

The business of Fashion has been very competitive since many decades. However, the latest advancements and technological improvements have made the fight more difficult by adding a computerized realm to the competition. The online fashion business disturbed the old methods for fashion retail 10 years back. Additionally, just in the most recent years the upgraded […]

Essentials of Cloud Computing and its effects on businesses like Fashion retail

Essentials of Cloud Computing When it comes to Cloud Computing, there is a lot of confusion and concern about what Cloud Computing is, why you need to think about Cloud, and how to choose right cloud vendors.   Social media revolutionized the way we absorb news, politics, and trends, and business is no exception to […]

Is technology industry being so similar to Fashion Industry?

Technology is a tool that makes us behave better by giving us an efficiency that allows us focus more meaningful things, and productive if utilized properly.  As the world around us constantly changing, it is obvious that change is inevitable and constant.  Technology demands better, faster and cheaper way to solve problems whereas Fashion demands […]

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