Apr 30,2016

Cloud Companies How They Work

Cloud - What is Cloud Computing and how Cloud Computing Works

Cloud, the Cloud, Cloud service, cloud software, the cloud company, cloud-based services  all these terms used to represent one simple idea of easy access to information. There are so much information about the cloud, but a lot of misconception out there. Miscommunications and misrepresented information all over the internet that confused people who are not technical.

Cloud service, cloud software, the cloud company, cloud-based services have enhanced storage of information in a central location on the internet.  Unlike where other organizations opt to put theirs in a computer located in their office or near office, information is stored on a remote location large machines (called servers) called cloud which is the central location on the internet.  The information in a cloud can be accessed by any member of the organization from any internet enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, desktops or smartphones based on your secured access right.

Cloud software is a remote hosted database where data can be stored. To access the cloud software services you need a computer subscribed to a cloud storage and connected to the internet, the computer will be your data server. After subscription and a secure internet connection, then you can send files containing the data over the internet to the data server. After that the data server stores the information, which can be accessed through a Web-based interface. When accessing the information, the data server allows you to access and make changes to the data or sends it back to you. It is convenient to store your data on a cloud since you can be able to access your data from any place where there is internet access. Therefore, with cloud no need of using the same computer for saving and retrieving your data or even walking around with a physical storage device.

Who is the Cloud Company? There are many companies which have been established to offer cloud services. To make a choice which of them will give you services exactly according to your requirements, you need to take extensive research and evaluation to know which fits you. There are numbers of factors to consider when selecting the right Cloud Company.   Below are the fundamental decisions you need to consider:


Your business data needs a secure infrastructure. It is advisable to conduct intense research and evaluation to ensure that the selected service provider offers a safe data server throughout the cloud services.

Service Level Agreements

Quick response in case of downtime of the cloud or any other problem is a vital factor to consider. It is important to ensure that the cloud provider chosen will respond and work quickly when a downtime is experienced. Also, it should be able to deal with any problem within the agreed period.


Before selecting a cloud company, research and understand the services offered by the company. Choose companies which offer no-obligation and free trial services and test whether your business is acceptable and see how the cloud works before making a commitment.


Conduct research to know the most reliable company. The company with many clients, partners, and which has operated for a long time proves to be reliable.

Cloud based services

There are three cloud-based services. The three are private, public, and hybrid services.

Private services are the built and customized for a given organization, they are expensive but offer more privacy and security.

Public services are available and accessible to various networks. Public services are affordable and flexible.

On the other hand, hybrid combines feature of private and public services to offer tighter security and more flexible services.