Jan 28,2016

Creating A Digital Business Model

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When an entrepreneur begins the idea of creating their new business, there are a number of factors that will be needed to take into careful consideration. As technology advances every day, creative business owners will need to utilize the ideas behind the growing technology trend of the past decade.

Building a firm foundation in regards to the business digitalization towards particular developments in their Digital Business Model, the business owner will be able to come to a decision on exactly how they wish to conduct their business.

Creative business owners and entrepreneurs will need to formulate a plan in order to thrive in the growing technological world. With strategy and innovative ways of approaching a business, the creator will be able to have a piece of mind that they have put forth their best efforts.

When the creative thinker and entrepreneur decides that they want to create a business model, there are a few things that need to be thought of beforehand.

A few questions that they would need to ask themselves are:

  • What sort of services and products are meant to be sold?
  • What terms should they be sold?
  • What will be your company culture?
  • What values do they represent to their customers for new products?
  • What type of customers do they want to attract and know detail about your market size?

Typically, when a business owner in the digital world sets in motion to conceive the idea of starting their online business, they will need one of four different types of digital business models.

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • C2B
  • C2C

In the business to consumer model, the business will take upon the practice of selling the products that they have to their customers. The typical and ideal customers are in a retail shopping mode. When you think of a business to consumer type of a model, a one of the companies that have adopted this method is Amazon.

It is also important to note that, when a business owner chooses this style of business, they will be earning the majority of their profits from the direct sales as well as any fees that need processing.

Another type of business model that an owner can look into, if their business is a match, is a business to business. With over 90 percent of commerce being electronic, business to business usually incorporate a model such as this in order to have the option to create a huge amount of transactions.

The way that these types of business models are able to earn their profits and sustain a healthy revenue is by direct sales.

The process of direct sales is done by offering different products for sale on a face to face basis. Many times in this manner, a bit more work may need to be done as far as orchestrating presentation for that particular product.

The reasoning behind this is to create as many clients that you can, in your chosen demographic, for that particular product.

When a business owner decides to have a consumer to business model, there is a certain advantage.

A person or a group of people may wish to offer their products to a company in which the business will then pay the person for that particular product.

The idea of consumer to business model is for the company to gain benefit from the consumer. The customers will have the ability to name their own price, at times, as well as offer any feedback and reviews.

The C2B is still a fairly new type of business model and the potential business owners who wish to take advantage of this particular business digitalization will need to thoroughly research if this is appropriate for them as well as the consumer they desire to serve.

The final type of business model that a business owner or entrepreneur may want to consider is called a customer to customer digital business model. A few companies or organizations that are well known that have this sort of model are such sites as Craigslist and eBay.

The purpose of this type of model is to bring the consumers together in one place online so that they can conduct the sale between themselves. Certain terms and conditions will, of course, need to be met as per the business owner’s standards.

At times, there may be a processing fee or even need to subscribe on either a monthly or yearly plan in order to use the prime business owner’s services.

In this new age of technology trends, business owners have an immeasurable variety of options. When creative thinkers and entrepreneurs wish to present their ideas, it is important that they do so deliberately with a full plan in place to recognize how they want to serve their customers.

As they move forward, the dedication and spirit that business owners have will determine how far they go as they advance in this exhilarating phase of their creative ideas in the business digitalization age.

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