Nov 26,2015

How to get great dresses spending less 

Cheapest way to shop online
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For every woman who wants to make a statement, a nice wardrobe is a must. But how to succeed in getting the good clothes for decent prices, while working, studying and sometimes also being a mother? Going through long shopping sessions with friends or even checking for the best prices on your own has become lately more like a dream than a reality. Life is far too agitated to afford an afternoon at the mall exactly in the day when you could find good offers. Of course, this happens only if you can remember which those days are.

Finding the perfect dress is more a lottery than a real choice. Most of the times, you just get in, buy what you can find fast, and as you are getting out you are already wondering whether this has been a good decision or you should have also checked in other stores. You spend probably more money that that dress worth and you don’t feel satisfied. Either if you think about club wear or just some stylish dresses to wear in the office, there is always an alternative for saving time and still get good offers. Knowing a few tricks about efficient shopping can help you redefine your expectations and go for a brand new shopping experience.

Shop online 
Online shopping is popular thanks to the small prices and also because you save a lot of time and you can do it right from your home, whenever you feel like. You can shop in the evenings, or even at night. Internet is a great non-stop mall, with thousands of possibilities and various prices. You can choose from numerous dresses, in all colors and models. The main trick when shopping online is to know where to look and what to look for.

1. Visit the websites of your favorite store at the mall. Most important brands have understood the power of the internet and now almost all stores in the mall have a complete online version, where you can easily find not only the new arrivals, but also some attractive deals, special offers and loyalty points to be used for further shopping. You can have any dress you want directly at home, spending less and saving time. If you never buy things without trying them first, just check online and make a list with the dresses you might like, then go to the store, ask for help in finding the items on the list and try them. You still can save a lot of time and effort.

2. Check magazines sites. You know all those glossy magazines full of nice clothes? They have the disadvantage you can’t take a better look at those pictures and you are definitely not going directly to the mall after reading the article. By the time you can find some hours for shopping, the offer is no longer available or they don’t have your size anymore for the dress you had chosen. Magazines sites on the other hand often provide links to the fashion manufacturer’s site which sells the products. All you have to do is click and start shopping. Most businesses online provide a full list with measures and if you don’t like the dress you have bought there is always the possibility to return it and get your money back.

Learn how to get the best price 
Shopping online is easy and comfortable, but to benefit from the best offers on this market you should also learn some tricks about obtaining a good price for all the products you like, from clubwear to accessories and designer clothes.
1. Check for the product on other stores. If at the mall you have to buy the dress from the store where you’ve found it, online you have the great possibility to google for better price options. There is a full range of stores online, a lot of them offering the same product but, guess what, not always for the same price. In about 5 minutes you will have a clear idea on various prices and you will choose the one which fits you better.
2. Use coupon codes. Many websites offer great deals by providing special coupons which can help you save good money. Take a few minutes to search for these deals and you will spend less, as coupons offer discounts from 5 to 30 and even 40% for your purchase. You can use this opportunities to buy two different dresses for the price of one and obtain a fresh look in no time.
3. Make a list with sites selling designer clothes in special prices. All women know that not all clothes can be bought from low price fashion manufacturers. There are several classic pieces which have to be of good quality in order to provide the desired look and prevent you from look cheap. Think about the little black dress, which should always be the best you can afford. With all this shopping revolution, you can finally get the perfect dress, signed by an international designer without spending all your money. A great option is using special deals to get some top clothes for prices between 20 and 80% smaller. Some good sites to start with are,,,, or, but there is plenty of great other stores out there. Some of them charge a monthly fee, but they generally offer great deals and special benefits for their clients.

Make your cheap clothes look stylish 
Once you get used to shopping online you might find good prices for good materials, but which don’t always provide the great look you are looking for. Customize your clothes, reshape them to fit better and obtain a nice look spending less. Take the dress to a local tailor and make your $20 product look ten times more expensive. Change also the cheap plastic accessories with some better ones bought from a haberdasher’s store. Or simply add some stylish designer accessories.
Check for a local designer
Try to see if there is any local designer which can provide unique dresses for decent prices in the area where you live. Most of them can be easily found online. A small local fashion manufacturer could offer you great deals for quality dresses. You save time also by avoiding the crowded malls.


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