May 01,2016

Hybrid Cloud Computing, most flexible and secured.

Importance of Hybrid Cloud
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Cloud computing is the new greatest mile in computers and internet development. It is where any business organization can store information on a web browser and access it through any internet enable electronic gadget.

Cloud computing acts like a huge giant computer (mix of a lot computers) which can access the internet, web services, storage, and a plan for cloud services.  Cloud services includes the cloud software, data server, and data storage over the internet. Are you a business leader or a member of the managing committee who has to consider growing business without worrying about the complexity of the Cloud?  You need be looking for a secure, accessible, and affordable way of storing your organization data?  Cloud service is what you need to accomplish your business need.

For cloud services what you need is this kind of huge computer, internet access, and cloud plan from a trusted company. This means that the cost of building a room, buying storage to save files to store your data, and the cost of maintaining those machines is evaded.  Data on a cloud can be accessed from any place provided you have an electronic device which can access the internet. This has reduced the need for moving around with external storage devices or visiting a particular computer on which data was kept.

Cloud facilities have also facilitated the following in business organizations; delivery of financial information, strategic business plans, and communication with employees. These have been possible as all the information is accessed instantly as soon as it is posted on cloud irrespective of the location from the organization premises. The hybrid cloud computing, to the cloud, cloud computers, the cloud app, and the cloud plan is what your business needs for effective storage of data.  Hybrid computing will enable your secured information access through your cloud vendor service as soon as your security officer allows the right type of access permission.  In the end, your customer and employees get your business service by maintaining the security and making sure you are compliant.

When it comes to choosing the right vendors, there are many companies which offer the services, and choice must be made to ensure the most appropriate one is chosen. Below are factors to consider in selecting the company to offer your business cloud services:

a. Reliability Research: Evaluate which is the most consistent among the companies offering the services. Of course, the company with many members and has stayed in the market for a long time is considered to be reliable.

b. Financial Stability Consider a service provider which has enough finance to maintain itself and offer the required services. This can be done by monitoring the provider’s earnings, stock prices, and financial reports to choose which is more stable and suitable.

c. Great Customer Service: Research on customers’ comments and ratings of different vendors. How they respond to customers, the primary objectives of the company, and quality of services. It is advisable to choose a provider whose response to customers’ requests is quick, highly rated by customers, and whose objective is not maximizing profits alone.

Cloud services come in three different forms. Your organization can have one of the models depending on your select.  The three types include:

  1. Public cloud: Public Cloud Service is the service offered to the general public on request. The public type is the cheapest and it has very common industry level Service Level Agreements (SLA) in place based on the type of service. Consider using this model if the SLA meets your business need.
  2. Private cloud : Private Cloud model is customized according to the needs of the customer. It can be hosted inside the customer location or a vendor location. The client owns and controls the services for themselves. It is considered to be most secured.
  3. Hybrid cloud: Combines the public cloud and the private cloud. It is the mix of the both above Cloud forms. It is also secure and most flexible.  Most of the secured and compliant industry tend to use Hybrid cloud to enjoy the best of the both Cloud.


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