Why should the Industry Embrace the Digital Revolution

Global eCommerce is growing exponentially. The digital revolution is bringing unprecedented change to the various industries. One of the greatest benefit is giving consumers complete control of their buying experience. It drives retailers to rethink current business and forces to re-invest. I will use Fashion Industry Products (FIP) for this article and give few examples […]

Essentials of Cloud Computing and its effects on businesses like Fashion retail

Essentials of Cloud Computing When it comes to Cloud Computing, there is a lot of confusion and concern about what Cloud Computing is, why you need to think about Cloud, and how to choose right cloud vendors.   Social media revolutionized the way we absorb news, politics, and trends, and business is no exception to […]

Is technology industry being so similar to Fashion Industry?

Technology is a tool that makes us behave better by giving us an efficiency that allows us focus more meaningful things, and productive if utilized properly.  As the world around us constantly changing, it is obvious that change is inevitable and constant.  Technology demands better, faster and cheaper way to solve problems whereas Fashion demands […]

Hybrid Cloud Computing, most flexible and secured.

Importance of Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing is the new greatest mile in computers and internet development. It is where any business organization can store information on a web browser and access it through any internet enable electronic gadget. Cloud computing acts like a huge giant computer (mix of a lot computers) which can access the internet, web services, storage, […]

Where is the Cloud located

Where is the Cloud located and why Cloud Solution Without a doubt, you have heard terms such as cloud-based computing, cloud based storage, cloud business solutions.  Of course, this has left you wondering what exactly this cloud is, where the cloud located is and whether or not it’s managed by some supernatural powers.  Well, the […]