Apr 30,2016

Where is the Cloud located

Where is the Cloud located and why Cloud Solution

Without a doubt, you have heard terms such as cloud-based computing, cloud based storage, cloud business solutions.  Of course, this has left you wondering what exactly this cloud is, where the cloud located is and whether or not it’s managed by some supernatural powers.  Well, the term cloud computing is the storing, using and accessing programs and data online instead of using computer’s hard drive. It isn’t about having a server or dedicated network attached storage hardware in your residence.  Also, storing data in an office or home networks doesn’t constitute to cloud computing.

For cloud computing to work, the data or the programs must be accessed or used online. Cloud computing has numerous benefits to business as it offers cloud solutions the various aspects of the business. Here are the top reasons why business executives including business owners, managers, and business leaders should embrace cloud computing.

Disaster recovery

Misfortunes and Disasters never knock on the door. Therefore, businesses need to be prepared by investing in robust disaster recovery. However, many businesses, especially the small ones, lack finances and expertise to do so. Cloud solution is thus the best and cost-effective way to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Provides flexibilityCloud-based business services are suitable for businesses with fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands. If your company needs to increase its bandwidth, then it’s quite easy to scale up the cloud capacity. Likewise, if your business needs to decrease its bandwidth, then you can cut back the cloud capacity. Businesses using cloud-based computing system enjoy a unique advantage over its competitors who aren’t simply because it’s flexible.

Reduced capital expenditure on its installation and management. Cloud business computing cuts off most of the cost associated with hardware and software installation and maintenance. With the cloud, one only pays and enjoys a subscription-based model. This is rather kind to a business cash flow and profitability. Also, it’s easy to setup and manage. The truth is that you’re less likely to go wrong with the cloud.

Ease in accessibility

Having data stored in the cloud backup allows ease of accessibility. The data can be accessed anywhere and anytime so long as there is a network connection and an appropriate electronic device. One doesn’t have to wait till he gets to the back office to turn the computer on to send just a less important file or email.

Cloud backup are off-site It’s imperative to keep copies of all files off the site and away from the physical location of the business. Even if all necessary files are backed up on business a file server, this doesn’t give total protection to the data should fire, flood, theft, hurricane or typhoon strike.

Data kept on the company server can be easily destroyed and thus only cloud backup ensures safety regardless of whatever disaster that might occur. This is a leeway and a breather to small scale business with no any other way out to counter disasters.

Simple Cloud backup solution has made ongoing data management as well as restoration quite easy. Not much is required because, with just a few clicks of the mouse, files stored in the cloud backup can be easily accessed and restored. Automatic data update Rumors are rife out there that cloud backup is expensive to install and manage. Many businesses fear any additional financial commitment that cloud backup might bring along. The truth, however, is that cloud backup doesn’t require new dedication of staff to manage it. Computer files are automatically and continuously backed up whenever one is connected to the internet and working on the business files.